New Literary Installation


If you stick around Eugene long enough, there are things you grow used to -- the traffic on game days,  the Little Free Libraries every few blocks, and the poetry in  public parking lot stairwells. For years, I walked past the wall-sized poems installed on each landing of the downtown Overpark garage stairwell. On my way from my car  to Saturday Market, I'd catch a quick snippet of Eugene landscape or mood or scene. Before my son could read, I read them aloud to him. A few years ago, a fantastic and fantastical short story showed up in the Eugene Public Library stairwell.  It seemed magical to me, the way these bits of literature kept popping up unexpectedly.

Wordcrafters and the City of Eugene have collaborated on Step Into Stories, which brings a new generation of stories to the Overpark, including my story, "First Saturday of April."  If you download Glimmer Technology's Glimmer XP app, when you go visit, you can e experience the story's augmented reality on your mobile device, which is too great/weird/cool to adequately describe. Go try it out yourselves!